Sunday, March 4, 2007

think globally, read globally?

Poynter's Romenesko blog pointed towards LA Times readership's reactions towards the paper's portrayal in an episode of PBS' "Frontline." here's the LA Times article.

The interesting aspect to this is the response - generally "we don't want a more local, LA-centric focus for the Times" - comes in direct clash to what I hear in my international journalism class. We've spent the better part of a term discussing the dying art of the foreign correspondent in the class, with the general theme being that the American news-focus is shifting inwards (and also towards celebrities and stuff that, quite frankly, should not be anywhere near the front page).

but is it what the papers' managers and owners want, or is it truly what the readers want?

I think this LA Times piece - though only five responses deep - is representative of a bigger picture, and with a global economy comes a global news world and a need for global news.

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