Monday, March 12, 2007

eye of the tiger, cutting down the nets

can't stop the rock

Bryce Taylor must have woken up Saturday morning in LA, looked in the mirror and said: it's time. He must have had the steely eyed determination and the "O" logo in his eye, just like they edit in for the pre-game videos for Duck football games on the jumbotron - except that was REAL.

because I have never seen such an unconscious performance in a basketball game, both by a team AND by a single player.

Bryce did not miss a shot Saturday afternoon. Think about that: go outside and take ten shots at a basketball hoop and see how many you miss; add in the pressure situation BT was in - conference title game? check - and, oh yeah, defense...for those that don't know, shooting 50% in a game is ridiculous, so not missing?

quoth NBA Jam: He's On FIRE!

It must be the shoes, then. So it is decided.

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