Monday, March 18, 2013

V-Varen Nagasaki vs Gamba Osaka (2013 J2, Rd 2; March 10, 2013)


This is a small piece of history. Nagasaki's professional soccer club, V-Varen Nagasaki, finally reached the true professional levels after eight years of existence. They stormed through the third division (the semi-pro JFL) last year, and were promoted to J2 this season.

This was my first V-Varen game of any sort. Last year they played in Nagasaki city primarily; the stadium was hard to get to unless you had a car. This year, they've moved into the new Nagasaki Prefectural Stadium in Isahaya, and it's a (brisk and winding) walk from the train station and right next to a main road.

A packed house of 18,000-plus got to see one of Japan's biggest clubs, Gamba Osaka, spoil the housewarming party. Gamba are favorites to jump right back up to J1 (the top division), and showed why -- the game finished 3-1, and could have been far harsher on V-Varen. Nagasaki must hope to stay up in J2, but realistically they can't hope to get points off clubs like Gamba.

Even with the loss it was a great day out. March is just the start of the season (J-League season started the same day as MLS did in America) so I'm sure I'll go to more games. It's a nice little stadium, it's close by (less than 40 minutes driving), and it's a good time. I hope the fans who went will keep coming back.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nagazasshi Party - March 9, 2013


So I help edit and design a bi-monthly magazine in the area made by the foreign/JET community all about Japan, culture, and Nagasaki. To help cover publication costs, we hold parties -- and this Saturday was one! I'm not usually huge on indoor party photography but I figured hey, why not give it a try. Some of these turned out alright, hopefully most are good (apologies to anyone who feels uglified by my deeds!) but the real lesson learned is the 50 1.8 struggles in low light...time for a pancake 40, and soon.

Go-Karts and WBC (March 2-3 2013)

Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)
Go-karts and baseball (March 2-3, 2013)IMG_6973_IJFRIMG_6974_IJFRIMG_6975_IJFRIMG_6976_IJFRIMG_6977_IJFR

These are all pretty straightforward photography-wise...I've loved cars and racing since I was young, so the chance to hang out with my friends and hit the track is always great. I tend to bring the camera for things like this, and I was right. I got there a little late, saw a few people leaving pit lane and thought "I wonder...". And, well, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw my friend Rob (in the white helmet with the GoPro) and he gave me a wave after his first lap. So a dash back to the car, and there we are.

The shots from the baseball game are the next day, a World Baseball Classic first-round game in Fukuoka. Note the plethora of good seats available for Cuba vs Brazil.