Monday, January 26, 2009

What I'm Playing - 1-26-09 edition

I want to get some regular sort of things going here. This seems as good as any. In the tradition of many, many gaming podcasts, including especially 1up Yours, it's "What'cha Been Playing?" - Quick thoughts on what's been in the system(s) the last week...

This is a good week to start this because I've actually played quite a few different games. Here's just a few...

-NCAA Football 09 - playing in now three different Online Dynasties has ensured that this is always near my 360, and is sometimes all I play. I've done okay the last week or so, beating up on the computer a couple times but losing to my man Fletcher in the Big 12 league we're in tonight. Everything surrounding playing the games in the league is fascinating - how people are "game-ing" the game, pulling recruits, everything. Seems like EA Sports got that right, even, too.

-Rock Band 2 - I've been drumming a lot on the game recently, both online and off. Trying to get my groove back and get up to drumming on expert again...the increased difficulty of RB2 songs isn't helping much of anything right now.

-Diablo II - Trying to get into the swing of playing this somewhat regularly with Dan, Nick, etc. It's amazing how something as simple as pointing and clicking can be so damned addictive, though. And it runs brilliantly on my MacBook, too!

-Gears of War 2 - Played through all of Horde mode with Nick, Tyler, and couple others in support. Level 50 can be an absolute monster, too. Super, super, super fun way to play the game, though.

-FIFA 09 - And specifically "Be a Pro" mode. I'm hooked; absolutely addicted. There's no feeling like the rush you get when the camera tucks up behind you and you're one-on-one; it's agonizing to take a shot and have it hit the post, it's brilliant when you get one past the keeper. The curve on this mode is perfect for me right now, too.

-Fable II - Ah, yes. I took my leisurely stroll through this to its end last night, and was affected by and slightly disappointed with the ending in equal measure. I am going to do more of a write-up on my thoughts on this soon, but even though I'm a little frustrated by it...I still fired up a brand-new character and played two and a half more hours after I finished the game with my first dude.

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