Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An update appears!

This is one of many "sorry I'll post more" posts. I've made this promise in the past, and I'll probably make it again. But right now I do need to post more, and will try to, so we dance this dance.

So. The last update was...early November? Right. Since then I've been settling in to a new personal and professional life in Boulder, Colorado. More details to come later, of course, but I'm gaining more and more every day and will hopefully soon be adding more to what I do and what my role is at the paper.

The personal part can be trickier. But, just like my personal experience moving before, I'm taking my time, easing into life, and hopefully me being bored in my apartment will be just a phase.

More details on the interesting, crazy things in life here, as well as the many thoughts I have on the worlds of sports, games, etc.

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