Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 16 2013 - VOOCS Concert (four sets)


I have wonderful, musically talented friends -- their skills range from guitar, drums, bass, and singing, all the way up to proper song-writing. In one case, it even includes creating a whole new kind of rhythmic sound out of the guitar.

This night was fun. This was actually the first time I ever shot in a proper club, too -- the last time I took concert photos was either outside or in the bright, interior hall where I saw my friend Keith perform last year. But this had everything, from lightning to a smoke machine to a raucous crowd of ALTs and others from the community. The other good thing about small shows and knowing the performers is feeling comfortable about being right up front with a camera in their grill...

Shooting was something of a challenge too. Slow down the shutter and lower the ISO, or freeze things a bit but with much more grain? Thank god for the 60D, I think even my ISO 6400 pictures would look better than my (old and shelved) XT's shots at just 1600. And I also tried out some new techniques, messing around with much lower shutter speeds -- even bulb mode -- than I usually do. In some cases, it's made some crazy, psychedelic images that match the tone of the music.

These are just straight-from-IJFR pics, so massaging the keepers in RAW should prove fruitful.

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