Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick snapshot: What are YOU doing here?

Just something quick I spotted on the way home from school Monday. Why yes, that is a very nice and clean late-'50s Chevy Bel Air - and it's been tuned a little bit too, from the "resto-mod" style wheels to the rumbling V8 that you cannot hear (place your trust in me for that factor!).

I have no clue what this was doing in my town, but WOW. Super clean.

This would turn my head back in Portland...but at the Shell station near my base middle school? In my small town in Nagasaki prefecture? I stopped in my tracks and instinctively grabbed my phone to take a picture. I had to.

I've seen many cool cars so far in my time here, and even a couple American cars (there's an old Suburban being worked on in my town, too) but NOTHING like this. Unreal!

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