Saturday, October 2, 2010

A long-overdue update


Last I logged in on this site, it was to provide updates on my Masters of International Management program's three-week trip of Asia in March. Being away from home for four weeks was a trip in and of itself; traveling outside of the United States for the first time was just as daunting. Doing all that, with 70 of my closest friends for the first three weeks, was a rolling ball of chaos and insanity that made for an amazing time. Following that with a week on my own in Tokyo was a whole other sort of situation, one where I seemed to learn quite a bit about myself and my personal goals in life.

Tokyo — Ginza, I think. Just because I didn't post any of these photos on here.

Since then, through the spring and summer terms, I've been incredibly busy with school, friends, and trying to figure out what's next. I've been to Crater Lake with international students, about a half-dozen Portland Timbers games, and far too many Portland Australian Football Club practices. I've seen friends get married, friends get drunk, myself gain and lose and regain facial hair, and gone through a number of potential career choice possibilities.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Portland Timbers!

With that all done and gone, I've got an idea where I want to go. My one-sentence resumé aim for myself is that I am interested in working for a multi-national corporation, making use of my communication background, graduate business education, East Asian studies, and multi-cultural experience. I would love to either stay close to my Northwest roots, or be able to travel abroad widely and experience the world; hell, even doing both would be great!

The other thing I've been working on quite a bit recently is Silicon Sasquatch, the video game-centric web site myself and two colleagues from the illustrious University of Oregon School of Journalism — Nick Cummings and Aaron Thayer — have run for nearly two years. We've had our ups and downs and taken some lumps over that time, but we've been able to re-dedicate ourselves and get the site running better than ever. We have some high goals to reach in the next year or so, and hopefully we can make this into a profitable venture — even if its just barely profitable! I am putting my writing skills to use, and learning a great deal of organizational skills and gaining great experience...even if it is managing two others doing something we love.

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Jonathan said...

I have a contact up here working for Microsoft Japan in the Zune division. He reviews (mostly Japanese) movies. If this sounds interesting, I can put you in touch with him.